Our Staff

A Team Approach to Community Management

At AMC, we believe that competence and expertise are compromised by daily pressures to multitask. Our goal is to provide homeowner association communities with highly competent, trained and professional individuals to accomplish the complexity of homeowner association management. AMC provides a well-trained and professional staff to fulfill a variety of management tasks including:


·         Bookkeeping and Financial Management

·         Regulatory Compliance

·         Meetings and Elections

·         Disclosures and Homeowner Information Requests

·         CCR Compliance and Enforcement

·         Maintenance and Property Management

·         Budgets and Reserve Studies

·         Portfolio Management

·         High-Rise Management


Ownership and Management Team

Tani Cligny CCAM, CMCA
(Certified Manager of Community Associations)

Company owner and member of both CACM and CAI, and a certified CCAM; Tani’s background and expertise is in the area of financial management and compliance. A CFO by training, Tani’s strength is in the areas of cost analysis, taxes, operating and reserve budgets and analysis. Tani manages a team of accounting personnel to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting for associations as well as coordinating the preparation of financial reviews & tax returns.

John Cligny CCAM, AMS (Association Management Specialist)

Member of CACM, CAI, and a certified CCAM and AMS; John’s 25 year background in the building industry and material acquisition serves him well in delivering exceptional client service to high expectation boards and associations. A CACM Board of Directors Member, Chairman of the CACM Legislative Affairs Committee and Faculty member, John strives to encourage and educate AMC’s staff to the highest standards of professional, knowledgeable community management.


* CAI            Community Associations Institute 
* CCAM        California Association of Community Managers
* CMCA        Certified Manager of Community Associations
* AMS         Association Management Specialist 
* CMCA        
Designates certification by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers