About Us

Our Core Values...

Achieving success within a culture committed to:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence

Our Vision...

Association Management Company, LLC exists to deliver best in class common interest management services to homeowner associations of various sizes and types throughout the Greater Bay Area by utilizing best practices and advanced technology for each management task, by hiring, educating, retaining and fairly compensating team members that meet of exceed the California Association of Community Managers Professional Standards and Ethics and have the best interest of both the company and client in mind, by using only the best, most qualified vendors and treating them fairly and objectively, by contributing to and supporting local community organizations and by extending partner ownership opportunities to increase owners return on capital while enhancing its reputation in the community management industry. 

Our Mission...

Association Management Company, LLC provides best in class community management services to client associations, their Boards of Directors and Members by meeting the requirements of the California Association of Community Managers Professional Standards and Ethics, by providing a safe, comfortable and challenging workplace for its employees, by being fair and objective with its vendors, by contributing to and supporting local charities, and by giving its owners a fair rate of return for their investment and risk. 

Our Strategy...

Association Management Company, LLC will:

  • Be honest with both information and advice to its client Board Members and Association Members. 
  • Make a sincere effort to answer all phone calls and if unable to, return them within the same business day. 
  • Use email judiciously as an efficient way to communicate with clients, vendors and staff within the limits of good judgment and not as an alternate form of dialogue. Being conscientious of content, tone, spelling, and grammar while being aware that email communication is discoverable. 
  • Be courteous and professional when dealing with association Board Members and Members, endeavoring to answer all questions and concerns with the goal of educating and being helpful. 
  • Provide regulatory oversight and compliance to all association clients regardless of size with the assistance and commitment of the Board of Directors. If Board Members refuse or obstruct their fiduciary duty of compliance, AMC will terminate its management agreement with cause. 
  • Provide monthly financial reports of the association's finances and cash management by the 10th of each month unless a Board Meeting is scheduled or financial institutions are late with their statements. 
  • Pay client association bills by the 15th of each month, using ACH and EFT transactions for recurring obligations as much as possible and with designated Board Member approval of non-recurring obligations. 
  • Keep all client association records safe in either digital form or paper form per the Records and Retention and Destruction Policy of AMC and utilizing industry recognized encryption and back up standards. 
  • Seek to remedy as soon as possible any situation that in our opinion possess immediate risk to life or property and then to notify the client association Board President of the situation and action that we have taken. 

Association Management Company, LLC will NOT:

  • Misrepresent itself or its staff's knowledge or ability in areas related to legal, insurance or construction advice. 
  • Take gifts or money from vendors in exchange for more favorable treatment or consideration. 
  • Refrain from asking questions or pointing out our concerns when, in our opinion, the Board of Directors is not using sound business judgment or violating its fiduciary duty to the association. 
  • Respond to emails that we are Cc'd on or are frivolous or in violation of the State Civil Code pertaining to Common Interest Developments. 
  • Knowingly engage a vendor or service provider that in uninsured, has no business license or is otherwise out of compliance to provide a service to a client association. 
  • Violate the code of Professional Standards and Ethics as provided by the California Association of Community Managers. 
  • Fail to report as soon as we have knowledge of any situation that may put the association, its Board of Directors, members or our company at risk.
  • Disclose any client association member's personal information, under any circumstances, unless required by State Statute or Law.